Thanks to the deep knowledge of the entire production process, Piccoli Motori is able to suggest design and process solutions as well in order to reduce design times at the purpose to meet customer’s production needs.


As far as molding processes are concerned, we mainly deal with material such as ABS and Polypropylene copolymers coated with the addition of glass or mineral fillers, but the range of materials used includes: drying, dehumidification, automated polymer processing and we are generally able in our plant to process and deal with any kind of plastic material.
The system for drying, dehumidifying and supplying the presses is carried out automatically by a centralized system. The molds used for production, which are manly obtained by aluminum –  a good option for our customers to save up time and costs – at the purpose to facilitate logistics processes are stored in specific areas and recording them with an univocally encoded.


Piccoli Motori is endowed  with 4 ultrasonic welding robots, allowing us to optimize fast cycles working, enabling ourselves to join more details with a high pressure seal tightness; thanks to this process we are able to grant our partners excellent achievements in terms of persistence and torsion resistance and traction, with the same quality standard as an unique piece.
This process allows during the design stage, to lead to the creation of complex structures underneath simpler elements, saving both costs and production process time.


Piccoli Motori is also highly specialized in assembling and pre-assembling electrical or functional parts, aiming at providing the customer with a complete range of components withstanding the mounting line.